love game
by sylvie

here are some games you can play in your browser

bitsy gamescollection of tiny worlds made with bitsy game maker
BYRDshort challenging flying exploration platformer
cactus flowergamble with space on an island of dragons
kittey defensean exquisite game of strategy and wits
square shoppingdecision-making purchase puzzle
rats worldobtuse exploration puzzle with many hidden passages, audio by hubol
planet grunchdifficult top-down action/exploration game
the demon rushchallenging hi-score arena shooter
THE halloween mazehalloweeny hi-score maze
dance of the flower princessbullet hell avoidance game (windows version)
fluffy tile worldtile walking puzzle game
sparkly rainbow kitty fluff adventurebouncy kitty exploration platformer filled with secret passages
kitty block's!interactive art gallery and creation tool, collab with hubol
JIGGLY ZONEchaotic exploration platformer, collab with hubol (windows version)
kitty racingsingle player time trial racing game
fluff battlemultiplayer star-grabbing platformer (windows version)
electro catshort puzzle platformer
cute witchy house: floor onecute top-down exploration game
mega mountaincolourful platformer with no jumping
terror cavedifficult, frantic hi-score platformer
warpmazeteleporter maze puzzle
spike snakeshard top-down action game with unique lives system
cat adventuremouse-controlled skateboarding kitty game
ghost housecute puzzle game about secrets and trickery
snakes and snakesside-view action game about careful movement
cat partycat party simulator
block pusherblock-pushing puzzle game
cat sokobancat-pushing puzzle game
helicatpterblock-matching hi-score shoot 'em up

these games are windows only

cat planetcute bouncy exploration platformer
cactus block 2013gambling platformer, remake of cactus block
untitled tower gamehard platformer, complex moveset, many routes through levels
secret cavernexploration platformer about finding secret passages
cute jumpexperimental, absurdly difficult jumper fangame
inter-galactic jewel thievesshoot 'em up with mouse-controlled aiming
hi-score packcollection of seven hi-score minigames
action packcollection of nine short, difficult action games
puzzle packcollection of five weird puzzle-esque games

more games can be found here